Cargo transportation

As your professional logistics partner, we can make any kind of goods by air, sea, road freight or rail freight transportation to any place, at the same time also give customers the necessary recommendations. Welcome to contact Ze Yi


(1) for the purposes of the Ze Yi, by the following ways to help you optimize your supply chain:

- Decrease your costs

- optimize your processes and performance

- The increase of efficiency

- The lower your fixed assets

(2) Saizawa Yasusuke, you end to end management to control the supply chain, so that more smoothly:

- The purchasing management

- Supplier Management

- The container and the origin of logistics

- The machine adopts the most advanced systems, in order to control the end-to-end status

- The supply chain consulting services

(3) to provide a wide range of storage and distribution solutions, including:

- The short-term storage, sorting, packaging, and other value-added services

- The specific warehousing and distribution operations

- The sharing of warehousing and distribution operations

(4), the project and excessive transport of goods is one of the strengths of Ze yi. Regardless of the size of the volume of goods transported, we provide you with a safe and reliable way to provide you with the project logistics services:

- Large and heavy goods

- Project management - different suppliers worldwide

- The feasibility study

- route survey

- The carrying goods inspection

- end logistics transparency

(5), in addition to the volume of customized solutions to meet the needs of all transactions and the exhibition before and after the logistics and logistics needs, we also provide:

Professional packaging fair exhibits high price

- experienced in the main site of all the staff in the field and provide the necessary equipment

- The partner network is perfect, make sure the product and service level

- The period of carriage status report

Supply chain solution

- Ze Yi is a professional supplier of logistics system, we can use Ze Yi on the local market in-depth understanding and provide comprehensive service portfolio.

- no matter from the initial consultation and design to the final end of the delivery and reverse logistics, we can for various industries to provide customized supply chain solutions.

Service Items

- our scale and professional and technical, and across the rich experience in the industry, means that we have succeeded for all sizes of customer development supply chain solutions, including many of the world's well-known leading brand and enterprise. No matter you have any needs, we have developed a variety of innovative solutions to solve your problem.

Analysis and design of Supply Chain Project

We have many clients seeking to solve the Ze business problems, but not necessarily just about the problem of the supply chain. Through the research of supply chain consulting and network design, we can help you to understand the operation and optimization of projects, so as to improve the efficiency of the operation and provide better customer service.

The original material warehousing services

- Regardless of your industry category why, Ze Yi all provide raw materials warehousing services, accelerate the speed of raw materials transported to the production bases. By understanding your production processes and anticipate your business and logistics needs, you can fully trust Ze Yi personnel with professional knowledge and technology for you to provide the perfect solution, for your business to create the essence of value.

Raw material transportation service

- Whether to send raw material to the customer's production facilities, or by road, rail, air and ocean freight from suppliers to collect raw materials, Ze Yi's global network of transportation experts all can to assist you.

Can you merge with Ze - easy to purchase and delivery operations, in order to reduce costs and carbon footprint to a minimum.

Ze - easy to accept the goods into the bulk transfer operations, provide overall service and storage of goods directly to the factory.

Plant Flow

- Zeyi to provide manufacturing plant raw material, components and sub components of the logistics service, include the exchange inventory and finished product production line process the supply logistics, even the finished products sent to the manufacturing area outside the waiting area distribution. Ze Yineng processing such as human resource management, terminal management, rail car control and clean-up operations conversion, not only can support your team, or even to become a member of your team.

Finished product storage

The design and operation of the storage system was providing the lowest profit bottom line, is Ze Yi core goal all solutions. The outsourcing of your order to Ze Yi, can improve the productivity of employees, improve the efficiency of enterprises and make the business more competitive. We emphasize the excellent performance, which means that you can get the same quality in all kinds of order fulfillment operations.

Transportation and distribution management

- Between the domestic regional workshop, the goods from the factory and transported to the warehouse and dealers, will spend more than half of your total logistics cost. The cost will be much more expensive if it is added to the purchase and final distribution to the store or to the end user. Transportation management plan can provide the required resources and visibility according to the cost that you can afford.

- Whether we adopt the carrier, or the establishment of its own dedicated team or is a combination of the two, we deliver high-quality service, the credibility and master your goods reach the customer process.

Home delivery service

The best customer satisfaction than the company's commitment to the customer, and time will order goods delivery. Ze Yi will be delivered to the distribution center operations and delivery operations combined with the office, so that you can provide customers with an unprecedented efficiency and better effectiveness of customer service.

- whether you are by telephone or through the electronic commerce business, to allow customers to enjoy Ze Yi to provide high quality and cost-effective delivery service. Need to transport large goods such as furniture or plant equipment? No problem! This is Ze Yi's expertise.

Electronic commerce performance

- you cannot use eye-catching storefront decoration and nice background music or beautiful sales attract online customers. The most important is to arrive on time customer wants the product. Ze flexible, innovative solutions not only to improve the services you provide to both online customers, but also to explore the source, to attract a preference for the use of e-commerce shopping users.

In store logistics

The retail store delivery is not only the storage container to the rear of the room, and said, "just delivery. Ze Yi store logistics services for customers to prepare for the display of products, so that your retail staff do not have to be responsible for this work. Even better, it takes only one night to complete the work, so that your employees will not waste time in business.

Maintenance of components logistics services

- When the need in the commitment of time will emergency spare parts personally delivered to customers, Yi Ze maintenance components logistics service (SPL) solutions will be able to meet your needs. Ze Yi's team will provide you with a comprehensive service, the goods will be delivered to you on time.

- Ze Yi design and maintenance of the system, not only can let your customers receive the required parts, more can help you anticipate customer needs and prepare for them. Ze easy to provide a complete supply chain and inventory monitoring, so that you clearly understand the dynamics of inventory. Through the end of the end of the module, integrated transport, storage services and maintenance cycle management, you can complete these management operations.

Reverse logistics

The key of the successful supply chain is not only how to plan distribution of the product, but also to how to refund the customer planning and disposal of products. Efficient management can improve the return value of the supply chain, reduce inventory write offs and improve customer satisfaction.

Environmental commitment

- Ze Yi has been committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our customers. We establish and implement a greenhouse gas reduction strategy through evaluation, reduction, substitution, etc. in some cases, we will neutralize the direct and indirect emissions of carbon emissions. With the increase of environmental regulations, will fully cooperate with Ze Yi to carry out our commitment.

The way we do things

Easy to understand - Ze unique customer supply chain. Ze Yi has learned a lot of rich experience in other industries, but we will continue to focus on your challenges, and the use of specialized processes and technology for your business to create a permanent competitive advantage.

conceptual design

- Design but not a kind of art, is also a kind of science, can used to analyze your supply chain and find out the improvement practices. DHL program design team can provide experience and support for a wide range of services, ranging from logistics network strategy, transportation design, storage design and simulation to job improvement and inventory analysis.

Information integration

- Both redesign or your existing enterprise systems integration, Ze Yi IT service design and implementation to maintain consistent, high quality and cost-effective features. We understand the needs of enterprises must rely on technical support, and no other way to crash.

- Never think that single technology can solve all the problems. We will tailor the design of various technologies to meet customer needs in order to accurately respond to your question: what is your maturity model? Do you need to integrate the enterprise resource planning system? If so, whether the system has been integrated into your transport and storage management system?


In the logistics service, the quality of cargo without error, low product damage, on-time delivery, high capacity, fully cooperate with the needs of customers and complete compliance. Ze Yi, also means looking for ways to continuously improve the standard.


- Iinnovation is businesses succeed indispensable elements, and also from place to place and customers closely with Yi Ze employees with the characteristics of the one.