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Customer Service Specialist / Assistant

Position: Customer Service Specialist / Assistant

Work place: Shanghai

Recruitment number: a number of

Education: Junior College

Job responsibilities:

Job responsibilities:

1. Make detailed dispatching plan, follow up the goods in transit information, ensure the safety of the goods, arrive at the receiving party in time, take the initiative to deal with the customer complaints or deal with the customer to deal with unexpected events;

2, with customers established good relationship, familiar with and explore the needs of customers, keep good communication with customers, customer feedback tracking, establish customer data file management, based on customer status change and continuous improvement related information;

3, responsible for the collection of accounts receivable, abnormal timely reporting to superiors.

4, with the processing of the problem, the arrangement of progress, follow-up process, communication and difficult issues of service awareness and ability to maximize customer satisfaction. Can not solve the problem according to the process submitted to the relevant personnel or supervisor to deal with, and track progress until the solution.

Job requirements:

Post qualification:

1, have a certain customer service work experience and customer service knowledge, strong communication skills and the ability to independently deal with the work of;

2, computer operation skilled, office office software to use skilled, there is a certain network knowledge base is preferred;

3, requirements must have a "people-oriented, sincere to the letter" the spirit of service, all from helping customers, satisfy the customer point of departure;

4, have a strong sense of responsibility and the sense of responsibility, optimistic, positive, good team spirit, standard Mandarin, fluent, responsive;

5, love, dedication, diligent, willing to think, have the subjective desire of self-development and self learning ability.

Working hours: to Friday morning 8:30 to 5:30 pm, Saturday morning 8:30-12:00

Working treatment:

fringe benefits:

Overtime allowance

Meal supplement

Tourism subsidy

Double end

The other is negotiable