Social recruitment

Operation and support

Position: operation and support

Work place: Shanghai

Recruitment number: a number of

Education: Bachelor degree

Job responsibilities:

You help us optimize our service - and we support your career development.

Ze easy to provide rich series of high quality service to customer satisfaction. We are satisfied with our employees by providing a variety of exciting career opportunities. As a member of the Ze Yi, you play an important role in the process of providing high quality services and solutions to customers. We provide a wealth of opportunities for the different functions and aspects of our business. Whether in any position, you can engage in our daily operations and support services in the different and attractive role. As part of your career development, we are committed to supporting you to improve your skills and expand your professional knowledge.

We provide a wealth of re education, training and development opportunities through a variety of field training.

Also provides on-the-job training, which is very important for you to acquire skills, knowledge and certification in order to better cope with the work needs. We provide a number of different training and development opportunities including:

Different related operation knowledge and skill training

Health and safety training

Leadership training and Curriculum

Soft skills training

Basic management technology

Together with us!

Do you want to be a member of the Ze Yi? So join our team! We provide opportunities for operations and support professionals and professionals in a number of functional areas.